This is the way…

How many times would I have loved to hear that phrase!


“Lisa, this is the way.” Receiving guidance, following the direction the helping hand is pointing out to. Finally, all the worries and questions would have ended. I would have exactly known my way.

This is the way… we get this offer actually quite frequently. Either the healthy drink to buy, the insurance to apply for, the political programme to follow.

Yet, most of us are not actually looking for this kind of guidance, but turn to these offers as the road towards inner guidance is stony and painful. And it is a never-ending story. It is our life story. While being in the moment we sometimes feel like being stuck, even going reverse – meanwhile, everyone else, naturally, seems to head straight forward. Then this tiny word emerges: why? Why me? Why now? Why am I not…? I want to be on track, I want to move on, I want to have the energy to do all of this and even more. But the truth is, there is nothing left except for accusing something, someone, anything for….yes, for what? For being on your way.


This is a lesson learned the hard way; even the times we nearly cannot bear, we want to wipe out of our memories, they might have just been part of your way.  It is learned the hard way, because no one wants to hear it. I certainly did not want to hear it! Damn it, all I wanted was to finally get on the right track. This was not me. This is was a mistake. I should have never taken that turn. This was not my way. So I believed. And I was wrong. I wished so desperately for someone to tell me to apply for that job or take that pill or move to that place – or whatever you could possibly do to change something. Changing the outer circumtances. But these types of changes are deceiving. They keep mind and body busy until reality hits again. So I was still on my way. The one I was denying to be mine. And still is mine.

This is the way… it means guidance, it means hope and assurance to get to the right place. But what is the right place? Where do we actually want to go? Where should this way of ours lead us?

The answer is up to you. And it may be ever-changing.


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