We are all but one


This came to me. To remind me of our shared experience: we are all going through the school of life. We are all beginners, students. We are all following those who have been here before. This is a promise; it brings comfort, it gives strength. We are all but one.

My exhaustion, my nervousness, my longing for belonging, my love I have to give, my courage, my comforting presence are not mine alone. Everything I feel, everything I give, everything I think is a collective experience.

You have to understand: nothing happens outside the realm of the all-encompassing light. And everything happens inside our shared presence.

There is nothing, literally nothing, that you can feel and experience in this body on earth that has not been felt and experienced before. In that moment, being in that feeling, maybe even getting lost in it, you think you are alone. But you are not. You are never alone. Your experience – of joy, glory, despair, sadness, anger, fear, boredom, tranquility – is but a puzzle piece in the collective experience of joy, glory, despair, sadness, anger, fear, boredom, tranquility.

It is when I feel happy or when I fear that I add on to the collective experience. At the same time, I could not feel and experience any of it if it wasn’t for our shared presence in the first place. Because, we are all, but one.

So it leaves me with the very real bodily reactions to certain emotions, thoughts and situations. It leaves me with still having to cope with anxiety, fear, indifference as well as gratefulness, overriding joy and anticipation on my own, in this body, in a certain situation. It leaves me with being responsible for causing and triggering emotions in others by my words and actions. And even more, being responsible for acknowledging my emotions, accepting them and feeling through them.

And it leaves me with a smile: everything I feel – in a new encounter, in a difficult situation – I can only feel, because this feeling has been known, has been felt before.

And maybe when standing in front of you I feel what you have felt before and we are mere reflections of our shared experiences.

Because, we are all but one!

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