my life is not my own


My life is not my own. It is bound to others, by others. I am never alone, no one is. Yet, still in these bodies we experience separateness. I can feel my body, my arms and hands. I can touch my face and still, I feel disconnected.

My life is not my own.

So, what do you want me to do? What is it, that unique gift that I have to offer? Who am I, like the million other souls, that I am unique in my being? Are we not all just parts of the whole? Are we not all but unique experiences of the infinite uniqueness?

Then, ‘who am I’ has no answer, but you are yourself and you are it all. Then we are bound to separate experiences that make up a whole. And we are bound to knowing that as long as we are on earth, in these bodies, we are incomplete. Thus, we feel this urge, the yearning for more, for being fully understood, for being seen in all of our being. It is just fair to mention that no partner, no car, no career can heal this wound. To some extent we have to brave this insight – it’s a life condition. At our core we know of a beauty, of love, of belonging that transcends our wildest dreams. That keeps us going: the hope for reunion.

Until then, I am unique, as I am right here, in this body on this earth. And so are you. What is your next step? What is your unique gift?

My life is not my own. It is a promise. You will see.

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