I am in-between.

Lives, worlds, structures, people, families, years.

There is only way to go: forward. Not straight. Not downhill. But forward.

I don’t want to hear it. Yet, I am already feeling it: this is an important place for you. These are important people for you. But it is not your way.

I am disappointed. After all, here lives the Known.

It is here where my first steps took place; first in tiny shoes, then with a bit suitcase exploring the world. It is here where I discovered unconditional love, forever being grateful for these living beings that gave their hearts – and they have mine. It is here where the foundation for my stubbornness, my determination, my kindness and caring lies.

I know which café and restaurant has a special on a particular day; which streets are crowded around midday when school is over for the day; what times you meet most dog owners outside. This is the Known. I know the neighborhood, the way to my grandparents’ house, how the street looked 10 years ago before they build the new houses. I know the sound of the church bells – which sound belongs to which church.

I know all of this and so much more. Because this is home. It is part of home, and always will be.

I try to focus on my inner voice to trustfully and joyfully step unto my way leading…


(photo: Lisa Gellert, Göttingen 2018)

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