Something is coming

Something is coming

Something is coming. I can feel it. I can sense it.

It is the cold wind from the North that tries to get us all to sleep; to duck our heads and head back home as quickly as possible. And still, it is the mild breeze letting us breathe in spring for the first time this year. The birds are welcoming the mornings and singing thanks in the evenings. The violet crocus and white snowdrops bravely grow towards the sun. The days of gray are over.


Just as life finds and fights its way back from the soil we are lucky enough to live and sense the dying and birthing of colours, hopes, ideas, action plans, the formation of new families, the passing of long inherited structures.

Seasons are changing; they are changing us.

That is, only if we dare to live and love with the natural tide; only if we surrender to the all-encompassing and all-transforming energy of nature. We are not in control.

Since the beginning of the year this energy led me to sharing my life for an afternoon with cake, laughter and fairy lights. It has led me to creative weekends and even more creative mornings. It has led me to understanding in which realms I can dance: not everything we can do or we are good at, serves us well. It has led me to music as diverse and enchanting as the ways rain makes itself noticeable on a window sill. It has led friends to safe positions from which they can expand. It has led friends never forgotten to leave for distant shores once again. It has led us to courageously speaking what lies at our hearts, to bravely writing letters, taking phone calls and saying: you are important to me.

Whatever our thoughts, our actions – they shape our present and future. It is all in the flow and we are right in the middle of the golden stream. Something is coming; something is already here.

The seeds have already been planted. With the warming sun around the corner it’s their time to blossom.

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