It is just a small parcel and a short note, but it moves mountains.

Sometimes it feels like a gigantic mountain is blocking our way. The mountain and its steep walk uphill has different names. It is the “I want him/her to change”-mountain, the “I don’t like my work”-mountain, the “I cannot do this anymore”-mountain, the “I am not good enough”-mountain or even the “I have lost someone and don’t know how to get through the next day”-mountain. And with every step we get heavier and it pulls us to the ground. There is no way we can actually reach the top, let alone leave this mountain behind.

And then there is this simple message: “May you enjoy the company of your family”. Family is the people you love, it can be blood-related, it can be soul-related. If you are lucky it is both.

Just for one moment we try to stop conquering that mountain, but we close our eyes and breathe. And we acknowledge: we are alive. “Treasure it”.

We treasure each morning, each first and last ray of light. We treasure the days, the rainy and stormy ones as much as those with star sky nights. We treasure the smell of freshly baked cookies and bread and the cozy feeling of a newly made bed. We treasure hugs and kisses, from people we have known all our lives and from those who three years down the road might become our husband or wife. We treasure playful dogs at the beach, screaming kids who determinedly know what they need. We treasure pajamas, especially ones with cats that dance. We treasure each smile given to us freely without any expense. We treasure the spirit of people long gone, because with them parts of us, of our hearts belong. We treasure each breath we inhale. Our role is not over yet, our mountain path will soon be unveiled.



Thank you for thinking of everyone else first.

Thank you for crafting, knitting and sewing in the most beautiful colours.

Thank you for inviting people from all over the world into your whanau.

Thank you for passing on your laughter, your excitement, your caring nature and your seemingly endless energy of doing three things at the same time.

I will treasure it all.

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