bed socks

they are warm and comfy indeed

and the best, you’ll never get cold feet.

who doesn’t want to slip under the blanket at night

after a cup of tea, feeling sleepy, holding your teddy bear tight?

with bed socks on that keep you from bad dreams and ensure a good night sleep-

but there’s even more to them than the eyes can meet.

these socks aren’t only socks they tell a story of a life –

of a daughter, a sister, a mother, a cousin, an aunt, a friend, a wife.

a life full of laughter and love and creativity –

of raising beautiful children, of. sewing costumes and dresses, of driving hot rods, of decorating the house in Christmas style, of baking chocolate chip cookies, of touching the life of so many people: friends while partying along to different themes, students while uncovering their path for their lives, family while being a mum and a wife, a partner, a rock, the heart.

– a caring, kind and compassionate soul, you were to me.

you were loved, you are loved, you’ll be loved by so many of us eternally.

this is the love that through your words, touch, hugs, colors, warmth, strength and laughter comes to be –

who knew that a single pair of bed socks could mean the world to me.

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