–  It’s enough –

We need to break the silence.

So many choose to go before their time.

We see them smiling on Facebook, Instagram – but that picture is so deceiving. We assume, we project, we dream – but we have no idea what that person feels like.

No one is alone with the thought of “I can’t do this anymore” and “I don’t want another day”.

For me it was “I don’t want a tomorrow”.

This is way too important. We need to move the thoughts of fear and shame from the shadow into the light.

It is not your fault! I deeply believe in Dr. Neel Burton’s words: the world has failed them; they wanted more.

You are not alone! I deeply believe that so many of us despair, I know how painful it is when you turn against yourself – you can be your worst enemy. But don’t shy away, don’t be afraid of yourself. Listen & take action: call a friend, talk – don’t keep it quiet. Listen & take yourself by the hand and walk that rocky road. There will be company.

       (photo credit: Lisa Gellert, New York City, 2015)

It will hurt! And I can’t promise you that the sun will shine or tell you that it is all worthwhile. But I can tell you that your unique world will be missed once it is gone. By your very presence you shape the world.

It will hurt, because it matters. Life is not about happiness & smiling all the time. Living means braving it all – taking the challenge of embracing & surviving the unbearable states of minds & being.

It is not easy – for no one.

Everybody – literally EVERYBODY – struggles! You are not alone.

And if reaching out to another person is the only thing you do – then you have made a huge leap of faith, courage & self-care.



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