cloud atlas

Love is not just a name, a feeling;

It is a state of mind, a form of being.

As we all are facing the devil, fear cutting like a knife

We are given a choice – to set the tone, the stage for our life.

No right or wrong, good or bad.

The most horrible intention, most evil stand

In another life leads to heroic ends.


I hear the music, the symphony’s end

The grand finale: peace

A door waiting to be opened: he is waiting there for her.

In far away valleys he is telling the story

Flashbacks unite letting the shooting-star shine in full glory.

On the last note all worries dissolve into the clouds.

Atlas carrying the worlds, our past and future, connecting it through decisions and vows.


What if we are all connected?

What if I don’t belong to me?

If from our past, to your present, and my future

Again and again we come to be.

(November 2015, Göttingen)


(photo credits: myself and the beautiful country called New Zealand, here: Bay of Islands)

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