K.I.S.J.A. – the big five

When I was born I was gifted times five

For when in moments of doubts I could survive

To remind me why I have this beautiful life.


Kindness walked with me with a smile on her face

Between war and peace, deadlines and bureaucracy I found her grace

With tenderness she took all my fears in her embrace.

Interdependency weaves the future, present, past

She calmly holds on to me as many other friendships have passed

She made me realize they truly care at last.

It was in January that spirit came flying up to me

She is patient, knowing and respecting when I need to be

On my own; yet determined to show what I can’t see.

That is, she chooses to be here

She is not afraid of my fear

But dries off every single tear.

Joy was with me all along

Ever since I was two she showed me how to be strong

And even when I wasn’t she trusted that this is the place I belong.

She took my hand in the playground to meet new friends,

She threw herself on his arms to protect me from this evil man,

She embraced me with her arms, her life again and again.


The last one took his time,

Yet, he offers the most challenging one which in the end will make me shine

Acceptance – as he has his, I will have mine.

It is nothing learned easily

I fought, pushed back, declined and wouldn’t see

That I have to start with myself so I can finally be free.

His empathy and unconditional faith,

Joy’s strength and kindness’ grace

Interdependent with the spirit soaring above

I got to be who I am, I am here – I am love.

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