Your whole world

To all of you who doubt it: you matter.

You are worth every minute of the day. You are worth a whole world.
You hold a whole world in your hands – your world that will cease to exist once you die.

And with every place you go you expand this world; and with every person you meet you form your perception and understanding of this world; and with every morning that you wake up and decide to get up and try once more, yet another day you let this world live. This world which is your world.

You probably don’t know it, but you leave marks. You have already left marks on people, in places, on yourself. These marks come in the shape of memories, of photographs catching eternal laughter or embarrassing style (or both); they are a gift from a person you haven’t seen in a long time and still you remember the day you received it; they are small, invisible for others; they are public for everyone to see, a monument, a quote, a revolution; they are marks left on your body or marks you left on other people’s bodies.

Sometimes we know when we witness an extraordinary, a historic moment. We know ‘this is huge’ because it affects so many people at once. We know ‘this is huge’ because we see it on TV. But most of the times extraordinary moments happen between two people. And most of the time one of them doesn’t realize that ‘this is huge’ for the other. But it is. It can open up the mind, help making a decision and can even save lives.

You leave marks. Even though you might not be aware of it.
Marks that can hurt. And they hurt because they matter. Still, the fact that they hurt sucks.
Yet, it is always you who decides which way your world shall expand; which people you allow to develop your perception.

You matter because you hold a whole world in your hands.

A whole world consisting of your favorite songs that make you dance or cry, books that keep you up all night, the rhythm of day and night when you go to sleep and when you wake, senseless fun afternoons, everlasting evenings and dreadful mornings.

A world where you can place life over money, loving over hating, giving over possessing, kindness over power.

A world with marks. And some of them are scars. Still, the world keeps on turning.

You are worth every minute. Even the dreadful ones when you are unfair, hurtful, sent people away. When you hurt others thinking you can escae the hurt yourself. But it is your world. If you bring hurt into it – even if firstly directed at others – it is part of your world and eventually you will be hurt too.

You hold a whole world in your hands.

So, what’s next? How do you go on from here?



(drawn by Y. Kootstra)

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