What to say?

Sometimes we are lost for words. Because nothing can adequately express the horror and shock. Only pure emotions run through our bodies.

„The evil“ doesn’t know nationality, religion, ethnicity, age or gender.

Humans are bad. They make bad decisions. They act upon bad and cruel intentions. And they always blame “the others”. Everywhere.

When the colour of your skin determines that your life and death actually don’t matter. (Again, what is it that everyone is obsessed with colours?)

When assumed “Christian” political parties (aka CSU) cheer for decisions and laws that trample on the all so cherished and proclaimed “Christian values”. Or can someone explain to me how turning away those in need, those who seek refuge aligns with the Bible? (hint: it doesn’t… wait, Mary and Joseph were seeking refuge as well? Jesus was born in a stable because no one opened their homes? No way..!)

When the Pegida-movement wants to protect the Western world and proclaims that Islam doesn’t belong to Europe. (It seems to me that they forgot where the roots of Christianity lie. Hint: it is not Europe.)

When young men blinded by rage and hatred decide to murder people – randomly, not differentiating between nationality, religion or age and gender. The terrorist acts in Paris weren’t along the line of Islam against the rest. It was: an Islamist group against everyone else – including Muslims!

When the news leave you paralyzed and wondering: why does this has to happen? How can people be so cruel and bad and murderous?

And all you can see, feel and think is rage about this violence and injustice, sadness about all the suffering and fear about what might follow.

I don’t have the right answer. All I know is that “the good” – kindness, compassion, tolerance – doesn’t know nationality, religion, ethnicity, age or gender either.

I know a group of people coming from different religious traditions or even non-religious traditions which meets to celebrate together the diversity of their traditions, accepting the differences and sharing their perspectives.

I know a young man who has been met with prejudices and rejection because of his sexual orientation. However, despite what he has experienced he chooses to meet people with the greatest kindness and empathy and patience.

I know of people who opened their homes, shared their food, their clothes with people they have never met before, people they might not even be able to communicate with because of language barriers.

It is not us against them. It is us with them. It is we are them. These people have seen the humanity in the person standing in front of them. I know these people and it is thanks to them that I don’t drift off into the prison of anger, rage and hatred which only allows fostering more anger, rage and hatred.

Key West 23

(Key West, Florida, USA)

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