Travel anecdotes part II


…and what did you do during your first day in New York City? – We went to Times Square to look at T-Rex in Toys R Us, took a picture with two NYPD officers, sang along Last Christmas by Wham in a Christmas store on 5th Avenue and had Ben&Jerry’s ice-cream in Central Park.

…sharing real camp fire stories about Japanese spider crabs, Fijian coconut crabs, Australian spiders and Nepalese leeches.

…hiking beautiful Mt Rainier while the northern part of the Cascades was covered in wild fires.

…open bar on Bainbridge Island from 3pm onwards.

…discovering that JetBlue offers unlimited (!) free snacks.

…getting to go to the playgrounds of Seattle with no one staring because you have a baby with you.

…three women, one baby – we hike, we camp, we have our priorities straight: let’s get the wine box out first.

…ending up discussing politics and the U.S. election with the tour guide of our free walking tour on the Brooklyn Bridge.

…me: ”What are we drinking to?” – Jana:“That we survive everything. We are like cockroaches.”

…taking a tour to the Everglades to find out that the alligators left because the summer has been too hot and there is not enough water there.

…dreams come true – at least for one day.

…the only thing we did twice at Disneyworld – the Frozen Sing-Along. Air-conditioned to get away from the heat and humidity outside and sing along = SING ALONG!

…cuddling up with two cute dogs all day long – because that’s what you do when you are in Miami.

…even the Starbucks staff is nicer in Canada than in the U.S.

…at TSA: “Sorry ma’am. You can’t take your Oreos. They need to stay here, we need to have them for lunch.”

…Jana’s favourite phrases:
“Lisa, are you hot again?”
“Oh gosh, we are going to die.” (When crossing the streets in New York and Miami.)
“I can carry that.”
“My feet are cold.”
“I need to sleep.”
“Lisa, do you know where your water bottle is?”

…my favourite phrases:
“I am so hot.”
“Who’s idea was it to come here?”
“I am not looking forward to going to that place.” A bit later: “I like this place.”
“Where is the nearest Starbucks?”
“I am not impressed.”
“Where is my water bottle?”

…”Hey look, our mum sent us some ideas about what to do in Reykjavik…wait, the Islandic Phallological Museum?!”

…snorkeling in glacier water of 2 degrees…why? Because we are awesome and we were swimming between two continental plates and because we are awesome.

…Islandic tour guide:”Ich liebe meine Mutter. Liebst du meine Mutter? Warum nicht? Was ist falsch mit dir? Hast du mein Schnitzel gesehen?“ (translation: I love my mum. Do you love my mum? Why not? What’s wrong with you? Have you seen my schnitzel?)

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