How come…


…we live as nothing is happening?
How come we are not on the streets furious and outraged?
How come I am traveling the world in the face of the ongoing injustice?

When a white man moves to the other end of the carrier on the NYC subway as two Hispanic men sit down next to him.
When people are treated differently because of the color of their skin – whether Indians in Dubai or Sudanese refugees in Germany. I mean, for heaven’s sake – seriously, it’s about colors?!

When a couple is denied housing because they are gay. As if the sexual orientation would impact on their ability to clean the place and pay the rent…even though, paying the rent might be an issue if they are also denied a job because they are gay.

When men try to shame rape victims and rule over women’s bodies stating that if you get pregnant after a rape it wasn’t a rape, because a woman’s body can shut down to not become pregnant. Ergo, if you get pregnant you actually wanted to have sex.

When there are thousands of people dying on the ground of the Mediterranean Sea, in trucks along the street or are attacked once they have made it to supposingly “safety” in the Nobel Peace Prize winner European Union.

When the majority of homeless youth identifies as LGTBQ and this precisely is the reason why they are homeless.

I am angry and frustrated – with people, with everyone for always coming up with new ideas about how to alienate others and to accuse others and to assign a group to a lower status – whether using gender, religion, fashion, ethnicity.

And we are all guilty of it. How easily come comments about men/women/this is so “gay”, about fashion (“look what she is wearing”), about looks and bodies etc. How come I am not on the streets grabbing people trying to shake them, to wake them up? Instead I am traveling the world in relative comfort. My finger-pointing at humankind is first and foremost directed at myself.

I don’t have answers. I observe. And there are so many things I don’t have any idea about. But even with the things I know, I always come back to the same question: why? People don’t make sense to me… But does this mean I can lean back, observe and pretend that there is nothing I can do about it? That this is all too much anyway? That any effort is doomed to fail and thus, I shouldn’t even try?


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