Travel anecdotes…

…of the time I was at the Napier airport on my way to board the plane to Auckland and half the sole of my left shoe came off (don’t worry it got fixed in Perth)

…of the time Belinda and me visited this National Park on my last day in Perth and I convinced her to join the group of men who were having a barbeque there – we got chicken wraps for free

…of the time I went up on stage in the Thirsty Dog in Auckland and performed some of my poetry there

…of the time Jana and me waited at the bus stop in downtown Anchorage and this girl came up really randomly, talked to us and wanted…yes, we actually don’t have any idea what she wanted. I was just concerned all the time that someone would sneak up behind us and try to steal our money.

…of the time I was part of a team facilitating a Peer Mediator training in the Maori unit of an Auckland high school and I got to experience some pretty intense, yet intimate and bonding conversations

…of the times I tried to pay in cash at the counter and I was totally confused by all the different coins

…of the time I enjoyed the sunset from the hostel’s terrace overlooking Sydney harbor in good company on my last night in Sydney and finding out that apple cider is not always apple cider

…of the time I “interacted” with the wildlife on Rottnest Island = crawling on the ground to cuddle up to quokkas and convincing a pelican not to attack my friend

…of the time I bravely fought an Australian spider – yes, this did happen and I can say: I won

…of the time free sandwich night in my Perth hostel turned into a free sandwich, pizza and pastry night (a couple of days later there was even free curry night)

…of the time my friends and me were singing loudly along the Spice Girls, OneRepublic and Ed Sheeran on our way to Coromandel

…of the time when I had a three seat row to myself on my 13 hours flight from Auckland to Vancouver

…of the time I had red wine for breakfast on the plane to survive this flight

…of the times I tried hard to find jobs on the internet, write cover letters and apply while travelling, but still only getting rejections

…of the time I was surprised to find out that I had breakfast included in my stay at the Sydney YHA (to be clear, I probably booked it that way, but forgot about it)

…of the time I thought I would have to stay in that cave in Margret River and die there all alone – I made it, but it is still mysterious to me how six year kids should be able to do this

…of the time the French boy, of whom Jana and me had joked just a minute ago, actually led us to a moose in Denali

…of the time a young Grizzly bear was leading a caravan of three buses on the Denali Park Road (driver’s comment: the animals like to use the road as well)

…of the time Jana and me made best friends with the hostel’s cats in Anchorage

…of the times I made friends with several bus drivers on different tours in Sydney, Denali National Park

…of the times I was anxious and panicked over travelling and going on

…of the time I had to pay for my hand luggage. Yes, it was a bit overweight, but no one’s hand luggage gets weighed – except for mine of course

…of the time my journey from Auckland to Perth took me two overnight stays at airports and a eleven hours stopover in Melbourne. A lot of effort, but so worth it!

…of the time I had to share a “bathroom”, or better call it “bath hall”, with men 40+ and a kitchen with about 70 people (and only about four stoves were working)

…of the times I made it into the local newspaper in Auckland – three times with picture…

…of the time I climbed down a cliff to have tea prepared on a stove right there on the rocks by the sea at Point Chevalier

…of the times I walked up Mt Eden for calming sunsets over Auckland

…of the times I had breakfast on the deck in Taradale with Tess keeping me company

…of the times I cried

…of the times I exchanged contacts

…of the times I had to introduce myself and explain all over again that peace studies doesn’t necessarily mean that I work for Greenpeace and that comparative religion is actually not theology

…of the times I wished that a specific person was with me because I knew he or she would have enjoyed that

…of the times I felt my friends were with me all along

…of the times I thought, why am I doing this again? And the times I thought, there is nothing else I can do and want to do





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