What makes us special…

…is the fact that, just by being ourselves, we are special for someone.


These are four portrays of people who might not realize how amazing they are to me. And I share it, because I hope you will find that you have similar people in your life. Or you might be like one of these people and therefore, special to someone else.

I have known her for about ten years. However, we don’t see each other that often. But when we do meet, I am always fascinated by her presence. She is just one of the most beautiful and loving women I know. She doesn’t put herself to the foreground, rather on the contrary. But still, to me she has this aura. Maybe it is her genuine caring character and her smiles. But maybe it is the fact that she is not fake, that she had to struggle, was lost. At that time I could not really understand how someone like her could get lost – to me, she was that kind of girl everyone just loves. Now I understand better and she has gained even more respect for figuring out why and how life is worth living. And even though she is not my sister, I call her my sister.

He is sweet, wise and compassionate. And he is family to me. We also like to argue and it is refreshing to discuss pros and cons of international affairs. But even more refreshing, he really cares. He cares about people. And he is good in caring and listening. Having been a physician he made this extraordinary character trait his profession. And even now, he takes care of people, maybe in the most vulnerable and frightening stage of life – the end of it. He is calm, gentle, well-travelled, and is fascinated and inspired by other people’s actions. Yet, he underestimates his own way of connecting with people which is truly a gift. It is amazing how you travel so far to find people who simply love you. He and his wife believe in me.

Do you know the feeling when you see a person for the first time and without actually meeting or talking, you know right away: I need to get to know that person? It might sound a bit creepy, but this happens to me from time to time. Not that often, but so far I have always been right. I knew we would get along fine and that they would become friends of mine.

So this happened in London. We sat across the table and I knew I had to talk to her. Of course – as I said before – we turned out to become friends. During my year in London and also in the following years she was such a great support. She is amazing with people: put her in a room with 20 total strangers and by the end of the night she will have talked to everyone. And everyone will like her. And even though it would be “small talk” she would be able to connect. She has such a strong faith, as she says the foundation for her work. And I begin to understand why and how. She is uncomplicated and a great travel companion. And, what I am most thankful for, she knows when I just need to be – when I need to be sad, angry, confused. It is hard to deal with someone else’s pain, but she can.

This might be the most unexpected friendship – at least to me, I am sure he would disagree. He fascinates me. The way he challenges things, trying to understand why people act the way they do. His courage and determination to stand up for people, to change something. And even though sometimes cynical, which I actually find hilarious, he is driven by the idea that we can make a difference. Maybe not world peace – my goal might be a bit too ambitious – but starting on a lower level. Like I need to work to be at peace with myself. And he takes me seriously. He doesn’t try to downplay or to simply cheer-up. He understands. It seems he had to go through some challenging decisions himself. And still he is patient enough to deal with my never-ending monologues. Why unexpected? Because I thought I had nothing to offer.

Of course, I could also tell you about the happiest person in the world, my duet partner for Disney songs, the cat lady who introduced me to British tea, Sex and the City and the awesomeness of ginger cats, or my travel buddy with whom I have shared several beds.

There are many people with whom I share my passion for travelling, Lord of the Rings, interfaith, peace work, concern for the environment, singing, animals, and pancakes. I hope you also count me to one of your friends you like to think of.

As to these four people: if you read this and realize, hey that is me, I hope you don’t mind. At least, now you know why you are important to me.

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