…was such an eye-opener. Everyone imagines it as paradise and it is in some respect. For me however, it was not mainly the beauty of nature, the beaches and mountains and flowers, but the people who made my short stay of only 11 days unforgettable.

Of course Jana and me, two white girls, would be the center of attention wherever we would go and I got a sense of how it must feel for people of different color in Germany or the States. Yet, the huge difference is: the people in Fiji were just overwhelmingly welcoming, generous and hospitable.

I cannot express how weird it feels to be back and thinking about school starting for me tomorrow. I feel like I have just experienced a totally different way of living and surprisingly, I really enjoyed that! It was not about your achievements, money or your CV – but it was about the community and just solely being together. Without a TV, computer, simply being together and enjoying each other’s company. Oh and there was a lot of dancing of course. And Kava.

And I am aware that this was a special time of the year when everyone comes home for the holidays and things get back to normal – even Fijians have to work. But still what remains is a sense of how life and living your life could be guided by other priorities and values. And even though – or maybe exactly because of it – in the village we didn’t have all the “high-tech” stuff we are so used to by now and we needed a torch to go to the toilet at night, I felt happy there. I laughed so much more than I had done the previous months, I danced more than I ever have done before, I relaxed and waited for what might happen during the day and I stopped worrying about important emails or messages and being available all the time.

Yes, Fiji is a paradise. That is at least true for me.












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