…in Twilight-Land





I finally was there! Above the trees, far away from any city noise. And it was a gorgeous sunny day – even though it was cold, but hey what do you expect: this is November! And did I mention it was sunny. So “HAHA” to all of you feeling sorry for me to have chosen Seattle!

Anyway, this mystical place I went to on Saturday is called IslandWood and it is on Bainbridge Island (I know, surprise, surprise). Actually it is called “a school in the woods” and they have environmental programs for children from “economically challenged” regions. (I know, this so political correct!) The kids stay there for four days and get to know a lot about sustainability and food. Some even have never eaten a salad before going there.
NO, I was not one of these kids doing the program. Dick is doing tours around IslandWood and because I am his favourite international student currently being around them all the time he did a tour for me and two friends of mine. So that is how I finally got to see Twilight-Land.
I don’t want you to get too excited, because even though I was looking and shouting – no Edward turned up. I guess he was busy doing some vampire stuff like sparkling in the sun or running around with wolves…

And on a totally different note:
I have actually listened to the Kelly Family quite a lot the last days. I know, I one likes them, everyone has these stereotypes of them being dirty and wearing strange clothes and NO ONE is listening to their music (just one little thought: if that is true, how come they have sold so many CDs and have made quite a lot of money? Oh I know – they buy their CDs themselves!). Well, I admit it: I was and am a Kelly fan. And I am proud, because I WAS NEVER fond of the Backstreet Boys or N’Sync or any other boy-group…so there you go! So where am I going with this? I was just really impressed by the fact that they all stayed together as a family – and there is a lot of them – over such a long period of time. And that they adore their father, even though he was very strict. And that they can totally rely on each other (at least, that’s what they were saying in an interview with Markus Lanz – I know, I know..maybe I was not only listening to their music..).

And it made me think..because I am sometimes at this point when I don’t understand my family, or certain members of my family. And you could take the perspective saying: well, I don’t need to put up with my family, because I haven’t “chosen” them to be my family – in contrast to friends. But then again, maybe that is the whole point. That you don’t “choose” your family. Sometimes it works out just fine, but if you have some issues it would be just too easy to cope out and go away, because “you can”. But doesn’t family mean that you work and fight for it? That you try to make it work even though you might have different viewpoints, opinions, lifestyles and expectations? And because you are willing to put so much effort into it, it becomes something special. Of course the same is true for friendship. But you choose people as your friends because you like them. Family is given to you. Family is just there from the beginning without any conditions.So as season holidays get closer (and we have Thanksgiving on Thursday!) I will try to appreciate all of my family (and friends!) even more.

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