November is here….

…and this means: CHRISTMAS is getting closer!

And to get you all into the Christmas spirit (no, it is not too early for that!) I want to share some amazing pictures of an artist I discovered very recently. His name is Richard Jesse Watson and he is an award winning children’s book author and illustrator. His work is truly amazing! They have an exhibition in the Bainbridge Art Museum featuring some of his work. I was lucky enough to join Jeannette and Dick for the opening night of the new exhibition and even met him and he signed the book I had just bought in the museum shop.

I have been back to the museum last week (with less people around) and took some photos of his work. I am sure you agree that these are just wonderful…

Richard Jesse Watson

The Rabbit


Santas sleigh

What else…yes we had Halloween! They had a flash mob of Thriller on the main road of Winslow (Bainbridge Island). I saw lots of kids and adults and dogs dressed up. All in all I do not really get the whole excitement, I mean – I don’t get any candy anyway because apparently I am not young enough…But then they ask me for my ID when I try to order a cider…


At the moment I am sitting in the cafe of the Burke Museum. It is four in the afternoon and it is already getting dark – or better: darker than the previous hours. Outside you can see many strange people wearing purple shirts, hats, and scarves. Do you know what this means? It means: it is gameday today. The Huskies vs. Colorado. (I think.)

Before I leave you with some pretty awesome sunrise photos I have taken from Jeannette and Dick’s condo (yes, I spend quite some time with them) I can share a funny story:
It was on a Tuesday night and me and another American girl wanted to go to a bar downtown where they had a poetry slam night. Cliche number 1: we got off the bus stop and walked and got lost…well somehow, we should have turned right, but instead walked left and got really confused. Finally we made it to the bar which apparently only opens at 8pm when the show starts. So while we were waiting for them to open, cliche number 2: I was looking at the posters of the other events they offered in that bar and at the people waiting with us..and I asked myself (and my friend): Do you think that this is a gay bar? Well, when we entered we got a stamp on our wrists saying “equal rights”. Yes mystery solved! So now I can say I have to a gay bar and have enjoyed some great poets 🙂

And now a reminder of morning’s beauty as a new day starts.

Sunrise Bainbridge Ferry

Sunrise with Ferry


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