Autumn in Seattle

Just to get that clear: it is not always raining in Seattle. We haven’t had rain in about two weeks (touch wood) and therefore, the trees still hold on to their colorful leaves. In between classes I am running around on campus trying to get some nice pictures. I also finally started exploring Seattle – until now I have seen more of Bainbridge Island and Chicago. Moreover, I have started to do some real “American” things like going to a football game (I don’t get it, why are people so crazy about it? To me it seems like a slow game..), going to the Cheesecake Factory (they have Oreo Cheesecake!) and actually thanking the bus driver when leaving the bus. But I have also been puzzled by some American customs. In one of my classes this guy starts eating in the middle of the class. And it is not a snack, but in the break he actually got himself a Caesar salad and as soon as the bell rang for the second half of the class, he started eating it. We are a class of about 22 people and he sat in the front row! And I am pretty sure that he hasn’t diabetes, because then a Caesar salad wouldn’t make any sense. Another thing is the price system. The prices displayed do not include the taxes – which is really annoying! And because I cannot actually calculate what I will have to pay and try to collect all the right coins (I am still confused about the coins, the 5 cents are actually bigger than the 10 cents coins) I started paying by card which is also very “American”. So you see, slowly I try to overcome all the small challenges in the American everyday life.
Next adventures ahead: Halloween, Thanksgiving and in December I am going to New York! I am super excited and have already booked a Holiday Lights-Tour through New York 😉

But for now I will leave you with some pictures of Seattle.


Alright, I admit it. It rained like hell that day! It was awful. We actually left after half-time because we were wet and frozen. I hope for another game so that I actually get to see a game until the end…

The biggest pumpkin in Washington State

The biggest pumpkin in Washington state and it is on Bainbridge Island…the dogs weren’t really impressed.


The beautiful University of Washington!

And here it is: autumn in Seattle

Autumn in yellow


Lake Union

And finally my newest acquaintance: the Fremont trollFremont troll

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