Chicago and back again

Before I actually got on the plane to Chicago, I finally managed to move to World House! Next to all the fraternities I have my room facing north (which is good, because the fraternities are on the south side), sharing two bathrooms and a kitchen on my floor. And the best thing: it is only about 3 minutes to the campus!
Basically I had one day to unpack and one night in my new bed before packing again for a night at the Seattle airport and a weekend in Chicago. As you can imagine a night at the airport means waiting for the flight, exploring the different restrooms and not getting any sleep at all.
But it was all worth it, because Chicago welcomed me with beautiful sunshine and warm (humid!) temperatures. From the John Hancock Tower I had a wonderful view of the city.


Chicago 2

Me in Chicago

And we had a beautiful rainbow!!


If you are asking what I was doing in Chicago anyway, I was participating in a conference of the German National Academic Foundation that actually sponsors my studies in the U.S. The conference was fun. We had a strict program, but we got to go the fancy Union League Club to celebrate the German Unification Day with the German ambassador, the next evening we had a really nice dinner by the river – so basically, it was all about food. We also had some workshops, but the food part was definitely more important!
We also had some spare time and I took the chance and wandered around the city center and visited the Planetarium (of course!) and the Field Museum. Here are some impressions.


Blup 2

Don’t you just love the Blup? 😉



Last but not least: introducing Sue!


I was really impressed by the city and I would have never thought that I like it that much. There are a lot of huge buildings, but it is a nice mixture of old and new houses. And there is so much to see!
The only downside: even though the conference was sponsored by McKinsey we had to sleep in dorms and of course, I was assigned the upper bed of the bunk bed…

I had a fun weekend away from Seattle and now I am trying to catch up with all the work for uni. My first paper is due tomorrow….yes tomorrow, remember my classes just started two weeks ago! It is on water privatization in Latin America and the role of the World Bank, just in case you are interested. 🙂

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