Update of America’s Hot Topics..ohh and of Me

I have been in Seattle for about two weeks now and I have met some really nice people and had some pretty good discussions. Everyone likes the idea of me studying peace. And so I normally engage in conversations on Syria and my thoughts on what the United States should do. Another hot topic at the moment is Obamacare, the affordable health care act, which will be effective on October, 1st. Of course the Republicans go crazy about it – and I mean, it is a really mean and deviant thing to have health care for everyone! How can Obama implement that?! I can tell you, the Republicans are always good for a joke! And if you have time, go online and watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He actually realized the comical potential of Republican interviews and statements.
Yet, we have to keep in mind, there are actually quite a few people who share these Republican views and I really try to be open-minded and tolerant. But come on – you are forced by law to have an insurance for your car (that was actually the idea of the Republicans to have that on a national level), but when it comes to the health of the people you oppose it?! You see, I am still working on my tolerance. And hey, this is the land of freedom and independence. And everyone can freely speak his/her mind and be independent in his/her behavior. So everyone can carry a gun…

Alright, enough sarcasm. I now want to turn to the bright sides. The people, the landscape, and of course the food! I have had such an amazing time on Bainbridge Island. Tomorrow will be my last day with Jeannette and Dick. My classes start tomorrow – I know, exciting! So I will move closer to campus on Thursday. This is just a temporary solution until I can finally move in to World House on October, 1st. I know it is still a long way to go, but I am getting there. I am looking forward to unpacking my bag and getting settled in. But I am also sad to leave Bainbridge. This is a pretty special corner of the world. With pretty special people. And luckily, it is just a ferry ride away.

At Suquoamish

On my way to new adventures


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