You might have been wondering where I have been all that time. Well, still in the United States, in Seattle and the surrounding area…and up in the air!
Last week Jeannette and Dick, my wonderful hosts, took me up to the fancy restaurant in the Space Needle. It was a gorgeous day – actually really hot and we had a nice (= expensive) dinner at the restaurant.

Space Needle

The elevator took is up in about 42 seconds in which the elevator guy (is there an official term for these people?) told us about the history and context of the Needle. I have to say he spoke really fast so all I remember (and I actually knew that already) is that it was build for the Expo in 1962. And luckily there is Wikipedia, so I know that it is 184m high.

The view was amazing! And the whole thing turns slowly. So while we had our cocktails and dinner we could watch this beautiful panorama passing by.






And because I love sunsets I will share some pictures of this beautiful moment as well!




If you wonder what else I have been doing..well, I have been really, really busy! I have tried to find accommodation which turned out to be more complicated as I thought. Actually, no, I thought it would be complicated…But here are the good news: tomorrow I will sign a contract for a room in World House. I know it sounds special and it is because it is close to uni and it is clean 🙂
I have also attended some of the FIUTS orientation events (Foundation for International Understanding Through Students). However, most of the time I have not spent with students, but really nice Americans who are 50/60+. Jeannette and Dick take me everywhere and I get to meet their friends, go hiking with them, have dinner parties, join discussion groups… I am always so tired at the end of the day!

And just to get that straight: I have only had one day of rain so far!! I mean it has been cloudy the past couple of days, but the first week we had temperatures up to 30 degrees. It might have been the only time I have seen the sun here, but at least I have some pictures to proof it.

So for now, all that is left to say is “cheers”!


One thought on “360°

  1. Wow…. that sounds wonderful – especially the dinner parties and discussion groups! I also love the pictures even though I have already seen thousands of your “sunset-pics” during my entire life 😉 Hopefully you’ll find a little gab of time in your busy,busy new life for your little sister soon!
    Wish you all the best, have a great time and enjoy yourself :*

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