The Countdown starts…

Today in one week time I will be up above the clouds – hopefully with my own computer/TV in the front seat so I can watch the latest movies – on my way to Seattle.

I should be nervous by now, even a bit panicky. However, somehow I am not, not yet. I am more in the ‘am-I-actually-really-going-to-Seattle?’-mood.

So here are the facts:
For the first few days I will stay with Jeannette and Dick who live with their two dogs (!) on Bainbridge Island.


This means that I will be on a boat soon again – on a ferry to cross the Puget Sound to arrive in Seattle downtown.


It is not until later in September that my classes will actually start. Before I will participate in the orientation weeks where I will learn more about the visa requirements, studying and living in Seattle and hopefully I will also meet many wonderful people… (if not, I will probably have a lot of time updating my blog).

Another important point on my to-do-list for my first days will be hunting for accommodation. This is going to be interesting..and adventurous..and of course I will be successful in finding a nice, clean and affordable place to stay, I hope. So for now I am left with some more preparation work, saying goodbye to family and friends and this weird feeling of excitement and unease about the time to come.

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